Hello BlogWorld!

I’m Alli. I’m 9 months post undergrad and I have way too many ideas still bouncing around in my head. way. too. many. Since I need a way to organize and categorize all the things I’m interested in doing with my post grad life, I decided to write a blog so I could share them all with you! First, let’s start with a little introduction to me, who I am, what I’ll be writing about, and why I’m choosing right here, right now to do so.


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I’ve been reading blogs basically since I learned how to Google search. I went to college and worked tirelessly (okay, maybe I got a little tired) to graduate with two degrees and honors, a BFA in Modern Dance and a BS in Political Science. I kept pretty busy in my high school and college years. As any avid reader, DIY-er, home cook, and internet obsessed Millennial would do, I’ve come to follow several blogs written by inspiring women throughout the years. So once I stopped reading dense scholarship every day, I decided to go out and find myself some hobbies (school is also a hobby and a favorite past time of mine, don’t get me wrong). Now I want to write about the things I’m doing.


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I just moved to the Bay Area from Fort Worth, TX. While my interests in hiking, wine, yoga, art, and vegan food made me unique in Texas, I’ve quickly come to realize they make me rather normal around Northern California. Also, many of these things are pretty easy to do up here! Most of my favorite blogs contain one or two elements of these topics, but I want to have a blog to broadcast all of these hobbies of mine, how I pair Avocados and Albarino, how I can get dirty in the outdoors but clean up nicely for an art exhibit, how I still hold onto my years of Texas grooming while compassionately using vegan products. All of these things make up who I am (you may see me take a dance class or write something political once in a while, too). I want this space to be an outlet for my dreams, my aspirations, and the things I hold important, with the hopes that others like me are out there too, finding inspiration in aesthetics, compassionate living, delicious food, and the world around us. So join me, I’ll be posting on here as often as possible—my goal right now is to full steam ahead so that I can build a routine. Let’s dive in together!